Raw Footage

During the eight to ten hours that we are filming at your event, we capture a lot of amazing moments. We then handpick the best scenes to create a beautiful, moving film that will become a priceless heirloom to you and your family. We don’t leave out moments we know you’ll want to see, but there are quite a few hours of clips left on the “cutting room floor.” We know that there are families who want to see every detail and love being able to watch any part of the wedding day they like. We provide those families with a USB hard drive of all the footage so they can see every detail for a reasonable price. You provide the hard drive to us and we’ll put all of your raw footage on there for just $200.


USB Jump Drive

Have the convenience of being able to upload your film and share it with the world by including a USB Jump Drive with your package. We include plug-n-play HD versions of your films along with mobile versions ready for sharing on your tablet, phone or laptop. Post your highlights film to Facebook in seconds or save it to your phone to show friends at work. With technology changing all the time, a jump drive is the best way to keep this precious record safe and convenient.