I LOVE this couple. What an incredible day I had with Lisa and Paulette on their wedding day in Manhattan Beach. Paulette is truly the funniest bride I’ve ever known and constantly makes me laugh while Lisa is just full of all sorts of cuteness. Both brides were surrounded by loving family and supportive friends starting with separate bridal preps at the luxury boutique Shade Hotel. Lisa and Paulette decided not to see each other until the ceremony held at the charming Verandas Beach House. It sure was well worth the wait to see both of their reactions for the first time! Later on, along with their bridal party, they headed towards the beach for some beautiful moments during sunset. The fresh sea breeze and soft crashing waves put a smile on everyone’s face and it was just FUN! There were a few surprises after that, but I can’t spoil them yet. The Feature Film will be out soon, so stay tuned for it!

I couldn’t be more honored to have been there to capture their LEGAL marriage ceremony right here in Southern California where equal love means equal rights. They waited a long time for this big wedding celebration and they look beautiful together!

Photographers: Zoom Theory Photography

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