Wedding Industry Professionals Association (WIPA) Highlights at The Intercontinental Hotel, Century City – March 2013

WIPA is a non-profit organization for wedding professionals (WIPA= wedding industry professionals association) that aims to advance the wedding profession, enhance the professional growth of its members, uphold high ethics and provide education in both Southern and Northern California, Atlanta, GA and Phoenix, AZ.

I was asked to film WIPA’s latest meeting hosted by The Intercontinental Hotel in Century City held in March. Peter Shallard, known as “The Shrink for Entrepreneurs” was the guest speaker. Both my love for meetings and for filming combined, made this a great day for me personally! Not only did I get to network with familiar faces, I loved meeting new people within the wedding industry, I also learned some interesting tips from Peter Shallard!

I’ve been a member of other wedding industry associations in the past but I’m especially excited about being a new member of WIPA here in Southern California because it’s non-profit and always very well organized by my peers.

If you would like to see the full presentation of Peter Shallard and past meetings with other special speakers, it’s all accessible to new members and current members alike. Please visit: for more information.

Julia’s Bat Mitzvah Highlights

I’ve had the honor of filming Julia’s two older sister’s Bat Mitzvah’s too. Wow, they have all grown up so much, it feels like a time warp! Julia comes from a talented heritage of actors and performers. Both of her parents are actors, her doting grandfather is an actor and both of her older sisters also sing! It’s no wonder she read her Torah portion perfectly. Julia is very comfortable around the camera and it’s evident in this fun Highlight Film we made of her big day! Her parents are so loving, creative and attentive it’s no wonder she’s always smiling and she even performed a special dance routine for her guests. Such a happy Bat Mitzvah girl and a pleasure to document her special day! Congratulations Julia!

The photographer Karen Ard, is always a pleasure to work with side by side for the same family!
Venue: Maggianos Woodland Hills, CA

Sarah and Glenn’s Wedding Film – “Good things certainly do come to those that wait”

Sarah and Glenn are a soft-spoken and distinctly classy couple that met in the most unique way ever with the help of their families. We edited their Wedding Film with a special touch that reflects the pace and tenderness of how they met and so assuredly fell in love. So sweetly, so patiently they waited for one another, so gentle their hearts (yet like an “earthquake”)…  we knew their personal speeches to one another along with their family’s and friend’s toasts would truly carry their hearts’ intentions in this warmhearted film.

Photographer: Callaway Gable Photography
Venue: The Beverly Hills Hotel


Have a look at our favorite Coming Soon Trailer! One look at both Danielle and Ryan and it’s easy to understand why it was love at first sight for them both when they spotted each other from across the room at a party! Their wedding was held at the luxurious Millennium Biltmore in Los Angeles and was a perfect blend of elegance and fun. Take a look at their full Wedding Feature Film in our website Screening Room here:

One Day in the life of Boris the Malibu dog

This was a special project that pulled on my heartstrings and will pull on yours too.

Bella Films was asked to create a short music film that would soon memorialize Boris’ life. He was a loving, gentle, happy, well-behaved Bernese Mountain dog that lived the purrrfect life on the beach of Malibu with his human companion Seth.

It’s difficult to say much else. When I watch this film, it makes me both sad and happy. I’m a huge animal lover and it’s hard not to fall in love with Boris the minute you meet him. While we were editing this, I knew the impending news would come soon. Boris passed away about a month after this was filmed during the editing process.

It’s a humbling reminder that documenting anyone’s life, creating cherished visual memories of our beloved humans and pets, is truly a blend of both honor and tender responsibility.

I’m so grateful to do what I do for a living.

Inspiration Tour 2012 Los Angeles

This summer included an especially fun and inspiring project when my friend/associate, Austin Stinson of Blueberry Fusion, Wilmington, NC contacted me to collaborate on their “Blueberry Fusion Inspiration Tour 2012” to Los Angeles. I was tickled several shades of blue, I mean pink, I mean…!

Both Austin and Adam Gilbert own a unique studio where they offer both photography and videography to their clients – often FUSED together as one service! And this was exactly what they wanted to do on the Inspiration Tour 2012. Their goal is to tour around North America featuring different cities that included the best of the best: bridal shops, florists, make-up artists, models, hair designers and other wedding industry peeps -while also showcasing their crazy own talents!

Los Angeles is my stomping grounds and with #1) my years of organizational skills #2) my connections to so many amazing professionals in LA, I knew that even with only a few weeks to plan it all, it would be fairly easy to do… I happily went to work and contacted successful and artistic wedding industry companies I know. Several times, I scouted out some very unique and secretive Hollywood and Beverly Hills locations. From the locations to the dress to the florals, I made sure the Old Hollywood Vintage-look would be the pervading theme we all envisioned.

Merrill Melideo, shop manager at Lovely Bride was so accommodating. Located in West Hollywood, this new cozy bridal shop offers unique vintage and romantic gowns. We started at the shop in the morning with hair and make-up by the sweet and talented Mariah Nicole. Our model bride, Whitney Hoy was an eye-dropping classic timeless beauty! She knew how to play to the camera and the boys and I were drinking every shot in. My assistant Andy Ryan brought on his own talents and gear and provided some Behind the Scenes footage with me. My dear associate, Debbie Fields of Floral Fields created not one but two beautiful bouquets to use for the day. I picked up the bouquets personally and saw her charming new shop in Burbank!

Working with Austin and Adam’s vision from the East Coast brings a refreshing perspective. Their young approach includes jumping around into strange/risky places to get the shot (including a cliff in the hills near the Hollywood sign) and they’ll lay on the floor often to get the shots. They appreciate our Hollywood!! They embrace our weather with enthusiasm, and they truly dig our vibe… and, I’m a good tour guide so I was happy to host them!

Here is their blog that includes stunning photographs of our beautiful model in our City of Angels: Blueberry Fusion Inspiration Tour 2012 Los Angeles blogroll

To continue following the other cities they include, follow them on twitter at: #inspirationtour2012

Dani and  Nick’s Coming Soon Trailer

I am pleased to showcase our first “Coming Soon” wedding trailer!

Dani and Nick experienced an amazing wedding day that combined both Greek and Jewish traditions. Wait until you see all of the dancing at their reception! Their love and devotion to each other was so easily evident throughout the entire day. Nick was so fun and especially attentive to Dani’s every need, he was such a gentleman. And Dani was so playful and funny all day long, I knew she was ultra-cool when I saw her giving her bridesmaids high fives and slapping their behinds. I just loved their energy and fun-spirits!

Can’t wait to showcase their Wedding Film… stay tuned!

Photographers: Miki & Sonja
Planners: Details Details
Venue: Four Seasons Westlake Village, CA

The Art of a Wedding Toast

Anyone that has ever given a wedding toast knows how nerve-wracking it can be even for many months leading up to the big rhetorical day! Here is a new youtube channel show called PODIUM -The Wedding Toast episode has just gone live and we had the honor of providing the funny footage of the FOB (Father of Bride) letting down the scroll of paper at :10 seconds in. Of course, it’s played out like a joke, yet oftentimes, a toast does feel like it’s exactly that long! That’s why it’s so important to prepare your toast ahead of time while trying to keep it short yet compelling enough to bring everyone in the room together.

After seeing upward of about 6000 toasts in my shooting career, I think I’ve seen them all. Ranging from long boring toasts, hysterical toasts, entertaining-rapping toasts, tear-jerking toasts and downright embarrassing toasts. It’s never a dull moment… or wait, yes, sometimes it can be – big time! Eeek.

PODIUM did a very good job giving sound advise on the art of a wedding toast so I’ll leave it to you to watch it. However, here are four important pieces of advise that I can provide too:

1) Before you go up there, make sure you bring your glass full of something! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the toaster realize they didn’t have a glass to toast with at the end and hold up a microphone in gesture. Doesn’t make such a great image for a wedding video or photos.

2) If you don’t think you can memorize a toast, write your thoughts on index cards. The reason for this is because if you’re nervous and bring up a piece of paper, people will see the paper shaking!

3) Try to tell a little story and end on a positive note. Pass along personal advice, cite a famous quote or poem, and don’t forget to wish the bride and groom well while raising the glass you remembered to bring up!

4) Lastly, don’t forget to walk over to the bride and groom for hugs!! It’s a special moment after your toast and makes great wedding video and photo moments!


Beth and Sandy

Today marks exactly 18 years since I started my first event shoot in June of 1994!  So I find it serendipitous that Sandy was also in town and we had lunch today!  We sat at a local Starbucks for over three hours reminiscing and laughing and in the end, she told me to look at the huge box of photos she had taken throughout the years and to take what I want.  She had already scanned them all and so here’s one of the photos I collected: 

Funny enough, I recently got a new style/haircut to include (unruly) bangs which I haven’t had since then!

My career started at Brooke Video Productions with SVHS Panasonic cameras. Sandy Brooke was the owner and the studio was located at her lovely townhouse in Van Nuys, CA with a satellite studio in Beverly Hills.  Sandy pioneered the special event video industry in the 80’s and was the nation’s only all-female company of wedding videographers!  It was there that I learned the foundations of shooting and (linear) editing and learned to stand a little taller and prouder to be a working woman in an industry predominately run by men.

Sandy moved to Northern California to open a Bed and Breakfast  several years ago but still comes down to visit Los Angeles once in a while and it’s always a pleasure to see her.

Earlier this week, a party was held in her honor and it was a reunion of sorts for most of us, the majority of people who have been in the event business for 20+ years!

William Innes Photography Promo

Bella Films recently had the honor of producing a promo reel for one of my favorite photographers in all of Santa Clarita – William Innes of William Innes Photography. William was so easy to work with.  He has a cool and collected personality and truly loves his work.  I think we captured his essence very well here.  It was a fun two days following William and his clients around in Fillmore, CA and also hanging out in his gorgeous new studio.  Couples from all over Southern California seek William out to be their wedding photographer and you’ll see why.

If you’re looking for a photographer that knows his craft and will make you smile and feel comfortable in front of the camera all day, contact William!  When we both work at the same wedding, we always function as a fun team!  He’s so easy to get along with… and so talented and I just always enjoy his company!

This is our first promo production for a photographer (using two dslr cameras) and we’re delighted how it turned out!


  1. William Innes: Beth was awesome during the production of my promotional video. I am so pleased with the final product. I have received tons of positive comments from clients. I believe having this video on my website gives potential clients an opportunity to get to know me and see how I work. Thanks Beth. Bella Films rocks! (06/06/12, 5:11 am)