Beth and Sandy

Today marks exactly 18 years since I started my first event shoot in June of 1994!  So I find it serendipitous that Sandy was also in town and we had lunch today!  We sat at a local Starbucks for over three hours reminiscing and laughing and in the end, she told me to look at the huge box of photos she had taken throughout the years and to take what I want.  She had already scanned them all and so here’s one of the photos I collected: 

Funny enough, I recently got a new style/haircut to include (unruly) bangs which I haven’t had since then!

My career started at Brooke Video Productions with SVHS Panasonic cameras. Sandy Brooke was the owner and the studio was located at her lovely townhouse in Van Nuys, CA with a satellite studio in Beverly Hills.  Sandy pioneered the special event video industry in the 80’s and was the nation’s only all-female company of wedding videographers!  It was there that I learned the foundations of shooting and (linear) editing and learned to stand a little taller and prouder to be a working woman in an industry predominately run by men.

Sandy moved to Northern California to open a Bed and Breakfast  several years ago but still comes down to visit Los Angeles once in a while and it’s always a pleasure to see her.

Earlier this week, a party was held in her honor and it was a reunion of sorts for most of us, the majority of people who have been in the event business for 20+ years!