Jeff Cerar – Filmmaker, Editor and Photographer

Born in Washington DC, Jeff has lived in Seattle, New York City, and currently in Los Angeles since 1991.

Jeff, who is also a musician of the electric guitarist variety since his teens, has been shooting photos for most of his adult life beginning with 35mm film cameras, onto digital cameras, and then added videography and editing to his repertoire in 1995.

As a freelance videographer in Los Angeles he has filmed many high profile celebrity weddings and events, The Emmy Awards on the red carpet, after parties for The Grammys, musical performances, children’s programs, and many more throughout the United States. His style can be described as “always looking for an angle that is new and different but still contributes meaningfully to the story being told.”

Jeff uses professional high-definition video cameras and Canon DSLR’s in his productions. His motto is “If it moves, shoot it…with a camera, of course!”

Jeff is a member of the local chapter of Los Angeles Event Filmmakers (formally American Videographers Association) and WEVA International.

Jeff Cerar

Bill Busby – Filmmaker and Editor

Bill Busby Bill Busby was born in Memphis, Tennessee into a true talented musical southern family. He started playing drums at age 7 and piano by ear at 14 under the wings of his father. He moved to California in 1979 and liked that he could apply his musician heart to the event film industry.

In 1999, Bill joined Beth at Bella Films as the company’s full-time master editor that he is. Bill loves to play with rhythm, customizing the editing to the music in a very specific and funky style. His cuts are deliberate and his style is savvy.

Bill was an active member of WEVA International (Wedding and Event Videographers Association) for ten years. He is also a member of the local chapter of Los Angeles Event Filmmakers (formally American Videographers Association).

 Jay Stein – Filmmaker

Jay Stein, a native of Los Angeles, California has established himself as one of the most nationally recognized filmmakers in the country. He educates videographers all over the United States, to raise both the artistic and ethical standards of the industry. He has a huge heart and takes on every event as if they were his own – with amazing personal touch and enthusiasm!

In 2002, he joined Bella Films after working 15 years at a reputable studio in Encino. Jay is an active member of WEVA International (Wedding and Event Videographers Association) and has been the longstanding President of the Los Angeles Event Filmmakers (formally American Videographers Association), founded in 1989.

Jay Stein

 Jesse Springer – Filmmaker

Jesse Springer Jesse grew up in Seattle, Washington, and has lived in 45 of the 50 United States, despite his young age of 23.

In 2006, Jesse settled in Orange County to capture the moments and beauty of life in Southern California. He is inspired by the unknown, untold and undiscovered things in real life, people and places. His life mission is to tell a compelling story.

Jesse almost always carries a camera with him, and in his past has shot with a variety of analog and digital cameras before joining in on the filmic DSLR shooting platform in 2010. Driven by the love of working with other creative people to collaborate, innovate and inspire, his dedication to the art of storytelling through film pervades every aspect of his life and how he interacts with others.

He recently began working for Bella Films on our special projects including Same Day Edits which is all about telling a short story in a cinematic style. As the youngest member of the crew, Jesse has all of the natural instincts of a lead filmmaker and we are excited to have him on the team!