Owner, Creator, Filmmaker

As the owner and producer of Bella Films, I feel honored to be part of such a wonderful and happy industry. I love capturing couple’s most cherished day and helping to preserve those memories forever.

I was named after my greatgrandmother Bella, it means beautiful in Italian. She passed away three months before I was born and my family always told me what a kind and caring woman she was. She was a true beautiful matriarch and I’m honored to carry on her memory through my company.

Born in New York and moved to Los Angeles at the age of five, I most definitely feel like a native of California. I grew up in the heart of Los Angeles where the entertainment and culture was always diverse, intriguing and eclectic.

My interest with the “camera” started with black and white photography at the early age of ten in a converted-darkroom of our small house bathroom. And if it wasn’t for my parent’s hobby in photography that piqued my fascinated interest, it would inevitably become my junior high homeroom photography class that provided those same familiar chemical smells as home! From then on, I happily enrolled in a photography class virtually every school year.

In high school, I became the school newspaper Photography Editor and in college, I minored in Photojournalism and made regular contributions to my university newspaper. Soon after I videotaped my own college graduation party (using a friend’s camcorder), and I was suddenly captivated by the notion of documenting moving and living events.  Soon after, I entered the professional videography world!

June 2013, marked 19 years of being a seasoned event filmmaker of the wedding/special event industry.  I have filmed over a thousand special events and I entered the field when women were a minority and equipment was quite heavy. Thankfully, cameras have become smaller and the ability to shoot in lower light with creative angles is now the norm. Each event is a unique experience that I embrace with heart, as each client is a new opportunity to create a tailored and reflective story. My natural instinct enables me to notice the small details within the big picture. There are thousands of unexpected and fleeting moments in between the posing and the formalities and like being on a treasure hunt, I actively wait for them.  I also listen and try to deeply understand my clients’ needs (especially brides) both before and during the big day.

Being around loving families filled with happiness is such a beautiful experience because I’m surrounded by positive love and energy. And I simply love being around love!  At a wedding, it’s as if the internal auto-pilot of my heart and mind switches on by a higher power and doesn’t turn off until I realize how exhausted but exuberant I feel by the end of the night.

This is absolutely the most fulfilling career that I’ve ever had!  Nothing compares to the sheer honor of being chosen to be part of a couple’s very special day.

I would love to produce a beautiful film for you with my crew… a film that you can watch with your family and friends throughout a lifetime!

I can’t wait to hear from you.