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One Day in the life of Boris the Malibu dog

This was a special project that pulled on my heartstrings and will pull on yours too.

Bella Films was asked to create a short music film that would soon memorialize Boris’ life. He was a loving, gentle, happy, well-behaved Bernese Mountain dog that lived the purrrfect life on the beach of Malibu with his human companion Seth.

It’s difficult to say much else. When I watch this film, it makes me both sad and happy. I’m a huge animal lover and it’s hard not to fall in love with Boris the minute you meet him. While we were editing this, I knew the impending news would come soon. Boris passed away about a month after this was filmed during the editing process.

It’s a humbling reminder that documenting anyone’s life, creating cherished visual memories of our beloved humans and pets, is truly a blend of both honor and tender responsibility.

I’m so grateful to do what I do for a living.

Inspiration Tour 2012 Los Angeles

This summer included an especially fun and inspiring project when my friend/associate, Austin Stinson of Blueberry Fusion, Wilmington, NC contacted me to collaborate on their “Blueberry Fusion Inspiration Tour 2012” to Los Angeles. I was tickled several shades of blue, I mean pink, I mean…!

Both Austin and Adam Gilbert own a unique studio where they offer both photography and videography to their clients – often FUSED together as one service! And this was exactly what they wanted to do on the Inspiration Tour 2012. Their goal is to tour around North America featuring different cities that included the best of the best: bridal shops, florists, make-up artists, models, hair designers and other wedding industry peeps -while also showcasing their crazy own talents!

Los Angeles is my stomping grounds and with #1) my years of organizational skills #2) my connections to so many amazing professionals in LA, I knew that even with only a few weeks to plan it all, it would be fairly easy to do… I happily went to work and contacted successful and artistic wedding industry companies I know. Several times, I scouted out some very unique and secretive Hollywood and Beverly Hills locations. From the locations to the dress to the florals, I made sure the Old Hollywood Vintage-look would be the pervading theme we all envisioned.

Merrill Melideo, shop manager at Lovely Bride was so accommodating. Located in West Hollywood, this new cozy bridal shop offers unique vintage and romantic gowns. We started at the shop in the morning with hair and make-up by the sweet and talented Mariah Nicole. Our model bride, Whitney Hoy was an eye-dropping classic timeless beauty! She knew how to play to the camera and the boys and I were drinking every shot in. My assistant Andy Ryan brought on his own talents and gear and provided some Behind the Scenes footage with me. My dear associate, Debbie Fields of Floral Fields created not one but two beautiful bouquets to use for the day. I picked up the bouquets personally and saw her charming new shop in Burbank!

Working with Austin and Adam’s vision from the East Coast brings a refreshing perspective. Their young approach includes jumping around into strange/risky places to get the shot (including a cliff in the hills near the Hollywood sign) and they’ll lay on the floor often to get the shots. They appreciate our Hollywood!! They embrace our weather with enthusiasm, and they truly dig our vibe… and, I’m a good tour guide so I was happy to host them!

Here is their blog that includes stunning photographs of our beautiful model in our City of Angels: Blueberry Fusion Inspiration Tour 2012 Los Angeles blogroll

To continue following the other cities they include, follow them on twitter at: #inspirationtour2012