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The Art of a Wedding Toast

Anyone that has ever given a wedding toast knows how nerve-wracking it can be even for many months leading up to the big rhetorical day! Here is a new youtube channel show called PODIUM -The Wedding Toast episode has just gone live and we had the honor of providing the funny footage of the FOB (Father of Bride) letting down the scroll of paper at :10 seconds in. Of course, it’s played out like a joke, yet oftentimes, a toast does feel like it’s exactly that long! That’s why it’s so important to prepare your toast ahead of time while trying to keep it short yet compelling enough to bring everyone in the room together.

After seeing upward of about 6000 toasts in my shooting career, I think I’ve seen them all. Ranging from long boring toasts, hysterical toasts, entertaining-rapping toasts, tear-jerking toasts and downright embarrassing toasts. It’s never a dull moment… or wait, yes, sometimes it can be – big time! Eeek.

PODIUM did a very good job giving sound advise on the art of a wedding toast so I’ll leave it to you to watch it. However, here are four important pieces of advise that I can provide too:

1) Before you go up there, make sure you bring your glass full of something! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the toaster realize they didn’t have a glass to toast with at the end and hold up a microphone in gesture. Doesn’t make such a great image for a wedding video or photos.

2) If you don’t think you can memorize a toast, write your thoughts on index cards. The reason for this is because if you’re nervous and bring up a piece of paper, people will see the paper shaking!

3) Try to tell a little story and end on a positive note. Pass along personal advice, cite a famous quote or poem, and don’t forget to wish the bride and groom well while raising the glass you remembered to bring up!

4) Lastly, don’t forget to walk over to the bride and groom for hugs!! It’s a special moment after your toast and makes great wedding video and photo moments!