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Erin & Jared Same Day Edit

There is only one word that best describes the essence of Erin and Jared.


Their families have truly blended by falling in love with one another 11 years ago when Erin and Jared first met in college. The wedding was merely a formality of what had naturally taken place in not only Erin and Jared’s hearts, but in the warm hearts of their beloved parents and siblings too.

The comfort level that they all share with one another was infectious. When I first met Nan, the mother of the bride, I felt instantly at home in her house while we shared and laughed about survival, life and love. We had an instant connection because she felt cozy and familiar to me. She emphasized to me how special it was how the two families from different cultures and religions had grown together, how the younger sisters of both the bride and groom were also best of friends and how all of the “children” spend time together often. She showed me years of photos of the two families on vacations together. She insisted on feeding me too.

She explained to me how Erin and Jared did not really want to be the focus of attention on their wedding day because it was so much more. It was hard to believe at first. What bride doesn’t like a little bit of special attention? Not Erin. When I met Erin and Jared, “family” was the first thing they mentioned to me and they meant it!

The ceremony was held in the beautiful Japanese Garden of the Langham Hotel, Pasadena. The surprise Chinese Tea Ceremony was especially a nice touch in honor of Jared’s Chinese grandma who was there, just moments before their vows.

Like her mother, Erin has a special sensibility. She went out of her way to ask me how I was doing on HER wedding day. Her mother made sure I was nourished in the hotel room and offered me a cold drink while outside in the heat. Jared was easy-going and like a kid at heart.

The day went by quickly as if I wasn’t even working because they all truly felt like family to me too. Nan and I have become friends since then and actually call each other “girlfriend” now too.